TurboTrace ABN Parallel SPE System
19 octombrie 2016
PowerPrep System
19 octombrie 2016
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TurboTrace PFC Parallel SPE System


  • Dimensions: 15”W x 18”D x 28”H
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Gas Requirements: Nitrogen – 20PSI minimum
  • Vacuum Requirements: 25”Hg minimum
  • Pump: Piston Displacement Flow
  • Flow rate: 0.2 to 15ml/minute
  • Electrical Input: 110/220 Volts, 50/60HZ
  • Controller: Integrated Touch Screen Control

The TurboTrace® Parallel SPE system is designed to streamline your laboratory’s workflow and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in your sample preparation process. It is designed for high throughput and tough sample matrices.  The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system automates existing manual SPE techniques and replaces older manual Liquid-Liquid Extraction techniques and outdated semi-automated instruments.

Drinking Water
Waste Water
Milk and Beverages

Supports EPA Methods
EPA Method 506  Phthalates and Adipate Esters
EPA Method 508.1 Chlorinated Pesticides, Herbicides, and Organohalides
EPA Method 515.2 Chlorinated Acids
EPA Method 521  Nitrosamines
EPA Method 525.2  Semi-volatiles
EPA Method 526  Semi-volatiles
EPA Method 527 Selected Pesticides and Flame Retardants
EPA Method 528  Phenols
EPA Method 529  Explosives
EPA Method 532  Phenylurea Compounds
EPA Method 535 Chloroacetanilide and other Acetamide Herbicides
EPA Method 548.1  Endothall
EPA Method 549.2  Diquat and Paraquat
EPA Method 550.1  PAH’s
EPA Method 552.1  Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon
EPA Method 553  Benzidines and Nitrogen Containing Pesticides
EPA Method 608  Chlorinated Pesticides and PCB’s
EPA Method 1613  Dioxin
EPA Method 1664A Oil and Grease and SGT-HEM
EPA Method 1668A Toxic PCB’s by Isotope Dilution and GC/MS
EPA Method 1694  Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products
EPA Method 8061  Phthalate esters
EPA Method 8081 TCLP Organochlorine pesticides
EPA Method 8082  PCB’s
EPA Method 8095  Explosives
EPA Method 8141 Organophosphorus pesticides
EPA Method 8321 TCLP Phenoxyacid    herbicides
EPA Method 8330  Nitroaromatics / Nitramines

The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system combines extraction, drying and concentration into one step — providing a truly automated total sample prep solution for the laboratory. Simply load samples onto the TurboTrace Parallel SPE system, use the touch screen to trigger the automated extraction process.  Load the sample onto the SPE cartridge using Vacuum or Positive Pressure Pumping, the drying step is accomplished using vacuum or nitrogen or both. This drying step replaces manual techniques such as sodium sulfate drying. The analytes of interest are then eluted directly to the SuperVap Concentrator where the concentration process automatically brings the extract to final volume in a autosampler vial, ready for final analysis. Automating these processes into one step ensures the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time and eliminates both human error and the possibility of contamination.

The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system incorporates vacuum or positive pressure pump to load samples for compliance with all SPE methods.  It uses positive pressure pumping for precise and accurate delivery of conditioning, washing and elution solvents. The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system is specifically designed to isolate analytes of interest from a wide variety of liquid matrices such as urine, blood, water, milk, beverages. Sample sizes range from 2 mL to 8 L and use the same bottle the sample was collected in. Sample loading rates are programmable. A vacuum or positive pressure pump is used to load samples onto the SPE cartridges and columns at unprecedented speeds and it easily handles both clean and tough sample matrices. An liquid sensor detects when the sample has been loaded, triggering the system to initate next steps.  The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system concentrates samples up to 250 mL directly to a GC vial. The Sample Processing Module is designed to use all standard formats of SPE cartridges and columns on the market today. For guaranteed results, especially when dealing with low limits of detection, we recommend FMS prepacked columns and cartridges. Sample Processing Modules can be easily swapped out to perform cleanup column chemistries allowing the lab to multipurpose the TurboTrace Parallel SPE system to automate other sample prep processes.

Reduces Errors
One-step automated SPE and concentration eliminates human error, saves labor costs and reduces solvent usage while increasing your sample throughput

Fully Automated
Hyphenates the entire sample prep process–extraction, drying and concentration steps–into a one step program.

Runs up to 8 samples simultaneously

Sample Liquid Level Sensor to detect when the Sample has finished loading

Automatic Sample bottle rinse

Concentrates samples up to 250 mL directly to a GC vial

High Speed
The fastest automated sample processing available for SPE cartridges and columns

Run up to eight samples simultaneously

Vacuum for fast loading of large volume samples

Handles a wide range of sample sizes and all matrix types

Sample Sizes 2 mL to many liters

Sample Liquid Level Sensor to detect when the Sample has finished loading

Expandable from 1 to 8 modules

Uses all SPE cartridge and column sizes

Positive pressure pumping for loading small volume samples

Nitrogen drying

Complies with existing methods that require vacuum, positive pressure pumping for the precise delivery of sample and solvents

Dispenses up to six solvents using an HPLC pump to deliver precise volumes and flow rates for conditioning and elution

Easy Documentation
Programs and stores an unlimited number of methods and runs on an SD Card Easy method transfer

Easy-to-use software



15”W x 18”D x 28”H



Gas Requirements:         

Nitrogen – 20 PSI minimum


Piston Displacement Flow

Flow rate: 0.2 to 15ml/minute

Vacuum -25 Hg

Electrical Input:

110/220Volts, 50/60HZ


Integrated Touch Screen Control