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NiFTY – Nickel Ferrules


  • Cracks & Contamination
  • Falling Ferrules
  • Damaged Stems Can Be Costly!

Entech Instruments Latest Innovation

Nickel has long been known for its superior inertness relative to even 316 stainless steel.  Through years of development, Entech has created a pure Nickel ferrule that improves overall performance when compared to any other ferrule currently used for whole air sampling and analysis.  The unique properties of Nickel create the best combination of inertness, low carryover, and replaceability, so you never have to throw away a fitting, flow controller, (or worse) a 6L canister because your ferrule or ¼” Swagelok style nut failed you.  With Entech’s new Nickel  Ferrule Technology (NiFTY), you can have the durable and non-absorptive performance of stainless steel ferrules, with the ability to remove and replace ferrules should a problem develop with the compression nut or fitting.  The patent pending design creates a semi-permanent ferrule connection, so the ferrule will never fall off unintentionally.   NiFTY ferrules can be pulled off for easy replacement with a special tool developed by Entech.  Since pure Nickel is softer than 316 stainless steel, NiFTY ferrules can be removed without damaging the underlying stainless tubing, ensuring that your investment will go right on working for you long into the future.

Nickel ferrules seal and are easily replaceable just like Graphite-Vespel™ ferrules, yet just like stainless steel ferrules, they are also non-contaminating and cannot be removed by hand. Just another of the many “NiFTY” innovations you’ve come to expect from Entech. Order a pack of nickel ferrules today!

NiFTY Ferrule Remover

Entech Instruments NiFTY Ferrule Remover is specifically designed to ease the hassle of removing ferrules. The NiFTY Ferrule Remover has a large knob that lowers a screw as you turn it, pulling out the nut and ferrule with minimal damage to the stem!

NIFTY Puller

ADVANTAGES – Nickel Ferrules Solve The Biggest Problems


Cracks & Contamination

Graphite Vespel™ ferrules can crack, causing serious leaking issues in sampling trains. Additionally, these ferrules are a common source of cross-contamination.

  1. graphite-ferrule-cracked-1
  2. Graphite-Ferrule

Falling Ferrules

Have you noticed that Graphite Vespel™ ferrules always seem to want to slide off? A dirty floor can also contaminate the ferrule thereby jeopardizing your sample.

  1. falling-off-2-fade-out
  2. under-table-fade-out

Damaged Stems Can Be Costly!

It is near impossible to remove stainless steel ferrules without doing significant damage to tubing or stems. This can leave expensive equipment unusable since Stainless Steel ferrules are permanent.

  1. bent-tube
  2. stainless-steel-culprit-2

Easy Assembly & Disassembly With The NiFTY Puller