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MiniCons / Bottle Vacs for Helium Diffusion Sampling


  • No Calibration
  •  No Sample Contamination
  • No Sample Losses
  • No Sample Volume Guesswork
  • No Pumps & No Batteries

Introducing Entech’s breakthrough technology for whole air sample collection

Helium Diffusion Sampling (HDS™)

Introducing Entech’s breakthrough technology for whole air sample collection – Helium Diffusion Sampling (HDS™). We now offer HDS™ active sampling solutions for indoor air monitoring that simplify the collection of airborne chemicals for GC and GC/MS analysis. Rather than performing a traditional vacuum sampling event, MiniCans and Bottle-Vacs™ are initially filled with helium, or helium with a recovery surrogate, and active sampling occurs in response to the controlled exchange of helium with air through a diffusion region. An HDS™ diffusion zone’s internal diameter is 20–50 times larger than typical critical orifice samplers, so particulate plugging is virtually impossible. HDS™ eliminates the need for sampler calibration, as relative diffusion rates of Helium and air are virtually constant. And unlike passive sampling with tubes – where compounds lighter than Benzene are not recovered quantitatively – HDS monitoring recovers all compounds heavier than Helium. Some important carcinogenic compounds quantitatively recovered using HDS that are not recoverable using passive tube sampling devices include: Vinyl Chloride, 1,3-Butadiene, and Acrolein. HDS™ Samplers also increase their weight as more air exchanges with Helium, allowing sample collection amounts to be determined gravimetrically in the laboratory for extremely accurate and defensible measurements.

Silonite MiniCans for Helium Diffusion Sampling Features

No Calibration

Diffusion zones are factory set and remain constant

No Sample Volume Guesswork

Weighing the sampler after collection and again after evacuation determines collected sample volume.

No Sample Contamination

Verified leak free with gauge prior to sampling

No Pumps & No Batteries

Perfect for whole air sampling

Two indoor air HDS™ sampling versions are available from Entech

1) MiniCan™ and Bottle-Vac Samplers (refer to the image on the right). Special HDS™ MicroValves that are optimized for standard sampling event durations – the diffusion zone exists inside of the fitting.
2) Controlled helium / air exchange with an external HDS™ diffusion zone fitting that is designed to attach directly to Bottle-Vacs™ and MiniCans™ with standard Micro-QT™ valves. Like the HDS™ MicroValves, these external HDS™ fittings feature a specific length or ID of the diffusion zone to provide an ideal sample fill duration and canister volume. It’s that easy. HDS™ collects an air sample much slower than vacuum driven controllers, allowing smaller canisters and Bottle-Vacs™ to be used for long term sampling, at a substantially reduced cost. With HDS™, collection of whole air samples has never been this easy, economical, and reliable!