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Micro-Valves QT /QT2 Valves


  • Grab Sampling
  • Restricted Critical Orifice Sampling
  • Time Integrated Sampling
Tool Free, Mess Free – Micro-QT™

Micro-QT™ and Micro-QT2™ Valve Canisters are the next generation in canister sampling devices. Micro-QT™, or “Quarter-Inch Tube” Valves, have several advantages over other canister valves. Micro-QT™/QT2™ valves minimize the volume of outside “contaminated” air that is introduced into a canister when testing vacuum or otherwise making a connection to a sampling line or GC inlet. The inclusion volume for the Micro-QT™ Valve is 0.01cc, which is ten times smaller than other miniature quick connect fittings. The inclusion volume is the “outside” volume that is introduced into a “system” when male/female valve connections are made. When testing vacuum through a Nupro® Valve, approx. 2cc of air is introduced into a canister, which is the combined volume of the Nupro® Valve and an external gauge. This is 200 times more air than using a pre-evacuated test gauge with Micro-QT™ valve fittings.

The internal Silonite® coated sealing spring in a MicroValve™ is stronger than those used in Swagelok® Miniature Quick Connects, to further reduce the potential for leaks even at cold storage temperatures (-15°C). A compression fitting cap is also available, which when used with the MicroValve™ creates a lower combined leak rate than any other currently accepted canister valve.

Note – Micro-QT™ and Micro-QT2™ valves are referred to simply as MicroValves™ when describing features common to both.


Grab & Critical Orifice Field Sampling Micro Valves™

There are several ways to fill a MicroValve™ canister or Bottle-Vac™ depending on sampling requirements. Here’s a brief overview:

Grab Sampling

MiniCan™ or Bottle-Vac™ samplers are filled within 0.1–0.3 minutes by either removing valve for Micro-QT2™, or using an unrestricted sampler with a Micro-QT™ valve.

Restricted Critical Orifice Sampling

Sample collected using a filtered orifice restricted sampler. Fill rates are constant until the canister reaches ½ atmosphere.

Time Integrated Sampling

TWA sampling is used for slow filling of canisters to determine average target compound concentrations. Fill times are 10–50 times longer than with critical orifice restricted samplers. Use the CS1200E and the PN: 30-22800 adapter for Micro-QT™ Valve Samplers.


The Micro QT was designed as the ultimate  tool-free field sampling valve.


Micro QT’s make the perfect connectors for your laboratory gas lines. Create splits and build a clean network of lines to all your instruments.


Micro QTs work great for sample introduction into any gas compatible instrument.