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29 octombrie 2016
Infinity 1033
29 octombrie 2016
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Infinity 1032

Specificatii tehnice

 Gas Type: Nitrogen

  • Gas Flow 52L/min
  • Inlet Pressure 120 – 145psi
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi

Gas Type 2: Dry Air

  • Gas Flow 55L/min
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi

Gas Type 3: Dry Air

  • Gas Flow 45L/min
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi


  • Size (HxWxD) mm 730 x 423 x 250mm
  • Size (HxWxD) Inches 28.7 x 16.9x 9.8 inches
  • StartUp Time 30
  • Generator Weight 18 kg / 39.6 lbs

Membrane technology is at the heart of the Infinity 1032, generating laboratory-grade nitrogen on-site to users with an existing air supply. With the ability to perform at its maximum 24 hours a day, if required, and minimum maintenance requirements, the Infinity 1032 is a durable, hassle-free solution for Sciex LC-MS instruments requiring curtain gas flows of up to 36 l/min, source gas flows of up to 52 l/min and exhaust gas flows of up to 50 l/min.

  • Capable of supplying multiple Sciex LC-MS instruments
  • 24/7 operation at optimum performance if required
  • Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
  • Few moving parts means little maintenance required and ensures long life of the generator
  • Minimal set-up required
  • Completely silent in operation
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty