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Infinity 1031 Hi Flow

Specificatii tehnice

Gas Type: Nitrogen, Dry Air

  • Gas Flow 12L/min
  • Inlet Pressure 120 – 145psi
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi

Gas Type 2: Dry Air

  • Gas Flow 26L/min
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi

Gas Type 3: Dry Air

  • Gas Flow 16L/min
  • Outlet Pressure 110psi


  • Size (HxWxD) mm 760 x 365 x 200mm
  • Size (HxWxD) Inches 29.9 x 14.4 x 7.8 inches
  • StartUp Time 30
  • Generator Weight 14 kg / 30.8 lbs
  • Noise Level 54 dBA

Membrane technology is at the heart of the Infinity 1031-1034 generators. Delivering one output of laboratory-grade nitrogen,and two dry air outputs, the Infinity 1031-1034 generators are a durable, hassle-free solution for Sciex LC-MS instruments. The choice of Infinity model will depend on the application, with different gas flows defining the differing models. Peak Scientific’s Infinity series generators have been engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories which already have an external source of clean, dry air (we can provide assistance on external compressors or pre-filtration systems as part of an Infinity gas generation solution). These systems contain no moving parts, are effectively silent whilst in operation and require minimal maintenance.

  • Capable of supplying multiple Sciex LC-MS instruments
  • 24/7 operation at optimum performance if required
  • Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
  • Few moving parts means little maintenance required and ensures long life of the generator
  • Minimal set-up required
  • Completely silent in operation
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty