CS 1200 E Flow Controller
25 ianuarie 2017
25 ianuarie 2017
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Flow Professor Calibration System


  • Time-Weighted Average Sampling
  • Silonite™ Coated Filter and Inlet Lines
  • McDaniels Controls, Inc.® Gauge
  • Sapphire Restrictor

FlowProfessor™ Calibration System

The best solution for low level EPA TO-15 monitoring

Introducing the all-new FlowProfessor™, the easiest and most accurate way to calibrate your Entech CS1200E eld samplers. Using the latest CS1200E technology updated in 2014, the FlowProfessor™ automates the complete calibration process for sampling into canisters as small as 450mL and as large as 15L. From within the easy to navigate FlowProfessor™ software, simply set canister size, sampling duration, and the remaining canister vacuum desired at the conclusion of sampling (typically 2” Hg) then attach the FlowProfessor™ to the front of the CS1200E and select Start Calibration from the software menu. The FlowProfessor™ system proceeds to automatically adjust the flow setting of the CS1200E to obtain the ideal flow rate, every time. Attempting to achieve such precise calculations and flow controller adjustments manually would be difficult and time consuming at best. The FlowProfessor™ makes it all easy!

The Flow Professor Features

Time-Weighted Average Sampling
With the CS1200E and Flow Professor calibration system, accurately fill canisters with integration times from 1 hour to 2 weeks at more stable and reliable flow rates and verified recovery of TO-14 / TO-15 compounds. The CS1200E can also be easily capped off during shipping to prevent any risk of sample contamination.
Silonite™ Coated Filter and Inlet Lines
A large Silonite™ coated stainless steel filter is positioned at the inlet to maintain an inert and unobstructed flow path by eliminating particles. CS1200E Inlet lines are electropolished, then Silonite™ coated. (An optional Silonite™ coating of complete sampler is also available.)
McDaniels Controls, Inc.® Gauge
Our exclusive gauge with a leak-tight ¼” compression fitting avoids any need for absorptive Teflon® tape in the CS1200E controller flow path.
Sapphire Restrictor
The CS1200E includes a precise sapphire flow element to provide stable operation from -20°– 50°C.