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DDS Digital Dilution System


  • Sample Dilution
  • Sample Surrogate Spiking
  • Standards Dilution
  • Field Testing of Canisters

The DDS™ is an absolute must for any TO-15 laboratory

Sample Dilution

Transfer a known quantity from a high concentration sample via syringe to an evacuated Bottle-Vac™ or MiniCan™, followed by pressurization using the DDS™ to a consistent, final pressure to complete the dilution process as shown below.

Sample Surrogate Spiking

Easily attach every sample that comes into the lab for a quick pressurization to 1.5x or 2x using UHP Nitrogen or preferably a Nitrogen cylinder filled with a surrogate of known concentration to enhance the quality assurance of each and every analysis.

Standards Dilution

Easily make a 2 PPB standard from a 40 PPB standard canister to support the preparation of trace level calibration curves. Dilutions from 5 to 50x are easily and accurately achieved, allowing wider dynamic calibration ranges without having to preconcentrate extremely small or large volumes.

Field Testing of Canisters

Verify sample integrity with the precision and reliability of the DDS™ Gauge. The ability to detect small leaks is > 10x better than standard dial gauges. DDS™ readings are also not affected by changes in altitude.