21 octombrie 2016
Automated DNA Sample Preparation
21 octombrie 2016
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Automated Genotyping


The RESOLUTION System benchtop instrument integrates three breakthrough components using PathoGenetix’s proprietary Genome Sequence Scanning™ (GSS™) technology:

  • The fully automated Genome Processor for DNA sample preparation
  • The rapid Genome Scanner for stretching and scanning of single molecule DNA fragments
  • The Genome Classifier for automated data analysis

Genome Processor

The Genome Processor provides automated DNA sample preparation while maintaining the integrity of long DNA fragments.

The first component of the RESOLUTION benchtop instrument, the Genome Processor extracts and purifies genomic DNA, restricts the DNA into long fragments, and labels the fragments with fluorescent probes that bind to short, specific sequences occurring throughout the target genome.

The Genome Processor’s unique open-well reactor assembly reduces shearing or breaking of DNA fragments, and a robotic pipette system transfers the prepared DNA to the Genome Scanner with minimal shearing.

Genome Processor Features

  • Automated cell lysis, DNA purification, restriction digest, and DNA labeling
  • Temperature controlled for optimal enzymatic and labeling processes
  • Produces large DNA fragments (20kb to 400kb)
  • Allows parallel processing of multiple samples and reagents
  • Purified DNA can be archived for additional analyses

Genome Scanner

In the rapid Genome Scanner, a proprietary microfluidic chip stretches the DNA into linear conformation. These single molecules of DNA flow at high speed past a series of lasers and optical sensors, which record the length and spatial pattern of labels on each DNA fragment to create a barcode.

Genome Scanner Features

  • Stretches and scans single DNA molecules
  • Optimally stretches large DNA (20kb to 400kb)
  • Rapid analysis (10Mb/second)
  • Three-color optical laser system records DNA barcodes

Genome Classifier

Genome Classifier is the RESOLUTION System’s onboard bioinformatics, which analyzes and sorts the barcodes from Genome Scanner to create a “fingerprint” for each target organism. The GSS Fingerprint is compared to the RESOLUTION Database to provide serotype and strain type information for organism.

Genome Classifier Features

  • Analyzes all labeled DNA that flows through the Genome Scanner
  • Compares barcodes from the sample to an onboard database
  • Identifies the serotype/strain type of target organisms

Retains all barcode data for future analyses against newly added fingerprints.