Automated Genotyping
21 octombrie 2016
Genius NM32LA
22 octombrie 2016
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Automated DNA Sample Preparation


Superior Performance

  • From cells to purified DNA in as little as one hour.
  • Lyses samples and extracts high quality, high molecular weight DNA (50 kb-500+ kb).
  • Supports a wide range of protocols – times, temperatures, volumes.
  • Allows for the sequential addition of reagents for DNA restriction, ligation, labeling, library construct formation.
  • Gently handles DNA, minimizing damage and fragmentation.
  • Capable of processing cells and proteins.


Exceptional Fragment Length and Quality

  • 80-95% DNA extraction efficiency
  • DNA is high quality and clean
  • Validated protocols for wide range of cell types
  • Protocols can be adjusted to provide optimal DNA size fragments for any detector or sequencer
  • High MW DNA fragments can be produced by restriction digest or random shearing

The Sample Processor technology used in the RESOLUTION™ System, is also available as a standalone device, providing very high quality, very high molecular weight DNA (50 kb – 500+ kb). The Sample Processor uses a proprietary membrane-based Open Well Reactor (OWR). The OWR design allows for the sequential addition of reagents while the sample is pinned on the surface of the membrane by forces created by liquid flowing through the membrane. Purified high molecular weight DNA is eluted from the membrane simply by reversing the flow of the final wash buffer.
The Sample Processor can extract, purify, and manipulate DNA for many downstream applications, such as whole genome sequencing and genome mapping. Protocols for the Sample Processor are flexible, allowing for variations in the number of steps, reagents, volumes, times, and temperatures