7650-01 Canister Autosampler
24 ianuarie 2017
7650-L10 Loop Injection Autosampler
24 ianuarie 2017
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7650-M Million Air Autosampler


  • Direct Inlet Robotics
  • New! MillionAir™ System
  • Extended Range Air Analysis
  • Quantitative Accuracy
  • Automated Analysis
  • Sample Heating
  • Large Silonite® Canister & Tedlar® Bag Analysis

The 7200 Preconcentrator and 7650-M Inlet combine for state-of-the-art whole air analysis

Introducing the all-new 7200 | 7650-M, MillionAir™ Analysis System. The most advanced instrumentation ever developed for the analysis of volatile and light semi-volatile compounds in air and soil gas. Now, you can choose to analyze any size canister in your inventory with the quality assurance of direct inlet robotics. The 7650-M features the new MillionAir™ option and the ability to preheat samples to 150°C for quantitative recovery of higher molecular weight compounds beyond the range of normal TO-15 analytes.

The 7600 and 7650-M canister autosampler minimizes carryover when exposed to high concentration samples by combining brief sample contact time, zero dead-volume canister connections, and Accu-Sample™ technology found in the 7200. Accu-Sample™ control completely isolates samples within specific, low-volume flow-path segments, and prevents trap exposure during important sample select and preflush operations. The 7200’s built-in loop option allows as little as 0.25cc to be precisely controlled and injected. The result is greater dynamic range and a reduction in the number of sample dilutions required when analyzing Soil Gas and other high-concentration samples.


7650-M System Connections
Direct Inlet Robotics

The 7650-M features a single inlet with a Silonite-D® coated transfer line to eliminate rotary valves and multiple inlet lines from the inlet flow path for the best possible sample isolation and analytical accuracy.

New! MillionAir™ System

New, very low volume injection mode that allows analysis of a concentration range of up to one million fold.

Extended Range Air Analysis

Wide volume range (0.25–1000cc) for increased dynamic range without dilution. Directly handle PPM level samples without carryover. Supports single canister calibrations.

Quantitative Accuracy

Sampling and analytical precision is not affected by changing matrices (air, humid air, nitrogen, helium, CO2, methane, argon, hydrogen).

Automated Analysis

Accu-Sample™ technology provides superior water management to quantitatively analyze 10 – 1000cc of sample volume. Choose the 7200 Loop option to achieve accurate sample volumes from 0.25cc to 1cc.

Sample Heating

The 7650 canister autosampler can preheat a canister up to 150°C prior to analysis for the best possible SVOC recoveries.

Large Silonite® Canister & Tedlar® Bag Analysis

Add two, 9 port expansion ports to easily connect 18 large canisters and Tedlar® bags. The 7200 also features a built-in 4 sample inlet that can accommodate up to two 7016 or 7016D autosamplers in addition to the 7650-M for unsurpassed flexibility and sample throughput.