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7650-01 Canister Autosampler
24 ianuarie 2017
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  • Sample Vial Sizes from 20 to 1000mL
  • Micro-QT Septumless Sample Interface
  • Advanced Water Management
  • Detect up to C25 Quantitatively!
  • Supports All Balance Gas Compositions
  • Mixing and Agitating Oven
  • Liquid Nitrogen Focuser
  • Exclusive! On-Column Trapping
  • Recovers Thermally Labile Compounds
  • Easily Handles High Ethanol Matrices
  • Sample from 1 to 1000cc
  • Extremely Low Carryover

7650-HS Analyzer – with On-Column Extraction (Trace Level Headspace)

The most versatile and sensitive headspace system available!

The 7650-HS uses Entech’s exclusive On-Column Multi Trapping System (OCMTS)
that provides better “true” characterization of trace headspace concentrations than any other headspace technique. A 3-stage trapping system features an initial thick-film GC column that performs On-Column Extraction to “absorb” semi-volatile compounds, allowing them to be simply “reverse flushed” off the thick-film column and onto the analytical column in the GC for better recovery of both high boilers and thermally labile compounds. Although similar to SPME trapping with PDMS, this thick-film column is exposed to a known volume of sample by using a vacuum downstream to “pull” the requested volume through the extraction column. Downstream, water management and cold traps recover lighter compounds to complete the quantitative recovery of the largest range of compounds currently possible. No other analytical technology provides a clearer picture of what is in the sample headspace, covering boiling points of -50°C to >400°C, including thermally labile compounds. The 7650-HS with On-Column Extraction comes far closer to recovering “all GC compatible compounds in the sample headspace” than any other technique.

7650-HS Analyzer Features

Sample Vial Sizes from 20 to 1000mL

For optimal sensitivity and statistical accuracy.

Detect up to C25 Quantitatively!

PPM to sub-PPB Level Detection.

Exclusive! On-Column Trapping

Thick-film column primary trap maximizes recovery while eliminating thermal decomposition.

Sample from 1 to 1000cc

For maximum GCMS dynamic range!

Micro-QT Septumless Sample Interface

Gas-tight seal down to full vacuum.

Supports All Balance Gas Compositions

(Air, nitrogen, CO2 , H2 , He, methane, mixture).

Recovers Thermally Labile Compounds

Analyze compounds containing sulfur, phosphorous, nitrogen.

Extremely Low Carryover
Advanced Water Management

Cold trap dehydration technology.

Mixing and Agitating Oven

For rapid sample equilibration.

Liquid Nitrogen Focuser

Improves separation/resolution of compounds boiling <100°C.

Easily Handles High Ethanol Matrices

7650-HS Configuration Overview

Expansion Ports in sets of 9 (max. 18)

Supports analysis of samples collected in Tedlar® bags, or larger canisters that cannot fit into Omni-Sampler trays. Ideal for real-time analysis during material outgassing studies conducted in dynamic flux chambers as per ASTM or ISO emission testing methods.

Sample Trays / Vials / Media

Standard – Select ideal tray for vials up to 1L in size.

Cold Trays – Electronically cooled base plate with thermally insulated trays supporting all vial sizes. Available soon!

Vials – 20mL to 1L. Choose the ideal vial sizes to optimize productivity and sample handling for best statistical accuracy.

Exclusive Vacuum-Tight Sample Interface

Headspace extraction is performed using Entech’s uniqueseptumless micro-seal for repeated gas-tight sample access. This approach completely avoids the use of septa, preventing the coring and compound absorption found with these simple rubber seals. The micro-seal also allows samples to be stored under vacuum for enhanced volatiles extraction.

On-Column Multi-Trapping System

The most advanced headspace sample preparation solution available. Provides an “On-Column Extraction” step prior to adsorbent and water traps to greatly increase the range of recoverable compounds, to include those too thermally labile to be recovered from any adsorbent trap.

Ovens & Bushings

Mixing Oven – Use a mixing oven for liquids and solids with vials from 20 to 1000mL for rapid equilibration to temperatures from ambient to 100°C.

Non-Mixing Oven – Choose a non-mixing oven for gas-phase sample analysis of Entech Bottle-Vacs™ and MiniCans™. An ideal choice for Remote Headspace Analysis. Maximum temperature 170°C.

Vial Gripper and PCME Tray

Use sample ahead technology to increase PCME equilibration times to 8x that of the GC run time. Agitate up to 8 samples at a time while heating to 20–80°C.

7650 – HS with On-Column Extraction

Introducing the most advanced headspace platform available. The all-new 7650-HS is Entech’s latest GCMS headspace sample preparation system that recovers a wider range of compounds at lower concentrations than any other headspace system. The 7650-HS supports sample analysis via large and small volume static headspace (1–1000cc) to accommodate a wide range of concentrations with quantitative recovery of compounds with boiling points from -70°C to >400°C. The 7650-HS maximizes throughput, while offering state-of-the-art performance in quantitative accuracy, sensitivity, and low carryover. The 7650-HS sits to the right of your GCMS, with an advanced preconcentration trapping system that sits on top of the GC just inches away from the GC column to ensure complete sample transfer to the column. The 7650-HS is fully 1D/2D GC compatible, supporting the latest food, flavor, aroma, product testing, environmental and clinical applications.

The 7650-HS uses a unique approach for sample enrichment that characterizes headspace concentrations more accurately than any other headspace solution. A technique developed by Entech called OCMTS (On-Column Multi-Trapping System) first passes the headspace through a thick-film GC column to perform an “On-Column Extraction”, allowing far better recovery of heavy and thermally labile compounds than direct trapping onto Tenax® or other more reactive adsorbents. Down stream are water management and cold traps that recover lighter compounds that are un-retained by the initial thick-film column. After a water bakeout step, all traps are backflushed to the GCMS completing the quantitative recovery of the largest range of compounds currently possible. No other technique gives a clearer picture of what is in the sample headspace, covering boiling points of -70°C to >400°C, producing chromatograms that truly represent the amounts that are in the equilibrated headspace, rather than the artificial picture created by SPME and other non-equilibrated headspace techniques. The 7650-HS is the most powerful and complete headspace preparation system on the market today. Add the 7650-HS to your laboratory’s arsenal, and see what you’ve been missing!