24 ianuarie 2017
7650-M Million Air Autosampler
24 ianuarie 2017
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7650-01 Canister Autosampler


  • High or Low Level Analysis
  • Extended Range Air Analysis
  • Toxic Organics Valve™ Compatibility
  • Extended Autosampling Capacity
  • Direct Inlet Robotics
  • Sample Heating
  • Analyze up to 20, 1L MiniCans/Bottle-Vacs
  • Silonite–D® Coated Inlet Lines
  • Two Modes of Operation

The 7650 brings the automated analysis of MiniCans™, Bottle-Vacs™, and even large volume sampling canisters to a whole new level. Drawing upon the benefits of its predecessors, the 7650 is the first canister autosampler to facilitate the analysis of up to twenty, 1 to 1.4L canisters while maintaining samples in a completely closed and isolated state until required for analysis. This level of isolation greatly reduces the potential for carryover, making the 7650 an ideal choice for today’s soil gas laboratories. All samples, standards, and blanks, ow through the same direct, inert flow path, eliminating any problematic background level variations – a well-known challenge with rotary valve based autosamplers.

The 7650 features a reliable and precise pneumatic z-axis control along with minimal transfer line sample contact. The brief exposure during sample analysis is immediately followed with a nitrogen flush to greatly reduce any contamination risk due to high sample concentrations. Since the heated transfer line directly inserts into a MiniCan™ or Bottle-Vac™ canister via an ultra-compact MicroValve™ fitting, there is absolutely zero unswept dead-volume.

When paired with a 7200 Preconcentrator, the 7650 becomes an ideal autosampler solution for today’s laboratories that must routinely analyze both high and low concentration samples. The 7650 also includes an easily accessible, generous array of inlet expansion ports in banks of 9, for the analysis of up to 18 larger canisters or Tedlar® bags.

The 7650 also has the ability to deliver sample canisters to an oven for heating up to 150°C prior to analysis for the recovery of higher molecular weight compounds.

High or Low Level Analysis

The 7650 Autosampler features stand-alone loop analysis, or pair with the 7200 Preconcentrator for trace analysis.

Extended Range Air Analysis

The 7200 | 7560 System features a wide volume range (0.25 to 1000cc) for increased dynamic range without dilution. Directly handle PPM level samples without carryover. Supports single canister calibrations.

Toxic Organics Valve™ Compatibility

Now, add MiniCan™ autosampling for your canisters that use the popular TOV™ and Nupro® valves by simply attaching a MicroValve™ to the top of the sampler valve prior to analysis.

Extended Autosampling Capacity

Analyze up to 18 additional 6L canisters or Tedlar® bags using expansion ports on the side of the 7650 Autosampler. Now, you can analyze any canister in your inventory using proven “direct inlet” reliability.

Direct Inlet Robotics

The 7650 features a single inlet with a Silonite-D® coated and heated transfer line for the best possible sample isolation and analytical accuracy.

Sample Heating

The 7650 canister autosampler can preheat a canister for improved recovery of heavier VOCs.

Analyze up to 20, 1L MiniCans/Bottle-Vacs

The 7650 holds 1 – 1.4L canisters in two, 10-position trays with intersample isolation far beyond that of rotary valve autosamplers

Silonite–D® Coated Inlet Lines

The 7650 1⁄16” heated Inlet line inserts directly into a canister’s MicroValve™ for a zero dead volume, secure sample connection.

Two Modes of Operation

Connect directly to a GCMS for loop injection analysis of 0.05–1000 PPM level samples, or in combination with a 7200 Preconcentrator to extend sensitivity to the sub-PPB range

  • Vapor Intrusion
  • HDS Personal Monitor Analysis
  • Volatiles in Ambient Air
  • Landfill Gas
  • Soil Gas
  • Mold Microbial VOC Detection
  • Remote Headspace Analysis
  • HDS MiniCan and Bottle-Vac Analysis