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7016 D Canister Autosampler


  • Automated Leak Checking
  • Automated Analysis
  • Silonite® Coated Inlet Lines
  • SmartLab 2A Automation
  • Automated Software Control
  • Reduced Intersample Carryover

Your best solution for large canister and Tedlar® bag automated analysis

The new 7016D features 16 inlet positions for automated analysis of canisters and Tedlar® bags.

The 7016D quickly connects to a 7200 Volatiles Preconcentrator for automated analysis of VOCs in canisters to comply with EPA Toxic Organics Methods TO-14A and TO-15.

The 7016D utilizes SmartLab™2A Windows® software and an all-new, digitally controlled rotary valve actuator with “smart positioning”.  Valve alignment is easy and no longer requires rotation of the valve and tubing.  All flow path tubing throughout the 7016D system is Silonite® coated and heated to further reduce flow path carryover and maximize sample recovery.

Automated Leak Checking

Verification of leak-tight connections prior to opening valves.

Automated Analysis

Up to sixteen 6L Silonite® canisters or Tedlar® bags can be analyzed in accordance with EPA Methods TO-14A / TO-15.

Silonite® Coated Inlet Lines

Ultra-inert flow paths for recovery of reactive compounds

SmartLab 2A Automation

Sophisticated Windows®  7 compatible software with automation control via USB connection.

Automated Software Control

Back-flushing of each line after analysis using Automated Software Control.

Reduced Intersample Carryover

Digital actuator stops prior to next requested position to allow for vacuum removal of line contaminates.

7016D Canister Autosampler Application

The 7200 Preconcentrator combines with the 7016D Inlet for Ambient Air Toxics Analysis

The 7200 paired with the 7016D creates an excellent solution for 2.7, 3.2, 6L, and 15L canisters used for ambient level air toxics analysis in compliance with EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15.  The 7200’s 4-sample inlet can accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to three 7016D autosamplers to maximize unattended canister analysis.  The new 7016D features the time-tested reliability of our popular 7016 Autosampler, along with new SmartLab™ 2A communication and  digital rotary valve control – for even more reliable valve positioning.

The 7200 and 7016D  both feature Entech’s new SmartLab™ 2A control platform.  SmartLab™ 2A sets a new standard for optimal and reliable instrument communication for Windows® 7 environments.  Runtime data storage and management is simplified, and includes a standardized report that presents all the important information you need for straightforward, quality assessment.

Even Better Sample to Sample Isolation

The 7200 / 7016D Air Toxics System features Accu-Sample™ technology to reduce cross-contamination.

Automated Analysis

Accurate analysis of 0.5–1000cc of sample using precise volume determination, great water management, and Accu-Sample™ technology.

Quantitative Accuracy

This system ensures sampling and analytical precision is never compromised by changing matrices (air, humid air, nitrogen, helium, CO₂, methane, argon, hydrogen).

Large Silonite® Canister Analysis

Reliably connect and analyze any extra-large canisters in your inventory.  Simply connect additional 7016D autosamplers for higher throughput requirements.

Expand your analytical system by connecting multiple 7016D Autosamplers

The 7016D is recommended for ambient air samples below 100PPBv. For mixing ambient air and soil gas samples, the 7650 Robotic Autosampler is recommended.

Up to three 7016D canister autosamplers can be simultaneously connected to the 7200 Volatiles Preconcentrator. A typical system is shown below.